Friday, August 22, 2008


National Tobacco Survey?

Usually I don't go for these survey-type things but I thought that I would add this information that I got in an email.

If you got an email like this would you participate?


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Saturday, August 16, 2008


The Law Of Attraction At Work!

I wanted some cigarettes So badly! It's been about a week since I last had any cigarettes and I was desparately trying to think of a way to get some! I started to weigh my options:

Then I had an ephiphany! I knew that you could buy something from certain stores with your debit card and you could get cash back! Now the only thing was that I could only get cash back if I could get change as opposed to getting just a dollar amount - which would have put my bank balance in the negative! But I had remembered seeing someone else do this once so I decided to go and take the chance!

I went to a Rite Aid and had to buy something that cost less than 50 cents! I bought a small bag of potatoe chips that cost 35 cents. I asked the cashier if the kind of transaction I wanted was possible and she told me that I could get cash back but only in dollar amounts (no change). So I decided to think about what I was going to do next! In the meantime another customer wanted to do a different kind of transaction and it was similar to the kind of transaction that I wanted to make and she asked another cashier about it. Picking up on this I decided to ask that same cashier about the kind of transaction I wanted to do. She said it wasn't possible on the register that was open but she kindly offered to open a register where I could do the kind of transaction that I wanted to do!

Long story short I was able to buy a pack of cigarettes and still have a positive amount in my bank account!

I think that this is a very good example of the law of attraction at work! Now I have just got to learn how to harness this law to my benefit!

But at least for right now I have cigarettes!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008


I Should Be Grateful - And I Am!

I am grateful that I do have cigarettes even though I had to buy a cheaper brand this time.

I was all set! I had my $3 dollars and some change which was just enough to buy 2 packs of Hummers. However when I got to the store I found out that they were out of the kind of Hummer cigarettes that I prefer and they had a different version of them which wasn't the same.

So I had to choose between buying a pack of "better-tasting cigarettes or to buy 2 packs of the "yucky-tasting Hummer brand and I chose the later! (I'm smoking one of them right now as I am typing this blog post!)

So I should be very grateful that I have something to satisfy (barely) my nicotine craving for now!

My adsense isn't due for another 3 weeks! So I'm focusing my thoughts on the things that I have that I am grateful for and I'm working on "law of attraction thoughts" to bring more cigarettes (and the brand of cigarettes that I like) into my life!

So I am grateful for the cigarettes that I do have! I'm a much nicer person with them than without them!

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